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Portfolio & Credits

Cnemasters provides master quality recordings of original songs and source music to the Film & Television industry. Producer Joel Evans has had over 350 song placements including numerous hit TV series episodes and more than 75 Motion Pictures.

Motion Picture
Movie Title
Release Date
Titles Used
Hateship Friendship Fork Films TBA

Tell Me (Confess)

Best Man Down Magnolia TBA


Best Man Down
Rapture-Palooza Lionsgate Jun 7, '13

The Right Time

Decoding Annie Parker Festivals Apr 4, '13 Isn't Christmastime A Wonderful Thing?
Decoding Annie
Friends With Kids Lionsgate Mar 9, '12 M-O-M
Friends With Kids
Hercules Saves Christmas Ascot Elite Nov 19, '11 A Christmas Wish For You, Isn't Christmastime A Wonderful Thing?
Hercules Christmas
The Rum Diary FilmDistrict Oct 28, '11 A Dozen Roses
The Rum Diary
I Love You Philip Morris Europa Dec 3, '10 Dancing in Sunshine
I Love You Philip Morris
Life During Wartime
Werc, Werk, Works Jul 30, '10 That's Love Life During Wartime
Phantom Punch
Access Films Mar 23, '10 We Called It Love Phantom Punch
À 10 Minutes De La Plage Stromboli Pictures Jan 9, '10 We Keep Faling In Love
A 10 Minutes
Hotel Gramercy Park
Sundance Channel Dec 7, '09
So Far So Good
Hotel Gramercy Park
12 Men Of Christmas Lifetime Dec 5, '09
Isn't Christmas Time A Wonderful Thing?
12 Men
Grey Gardens HBO Apr 18, '09
Dancing in Sunshine
Grey Gardens
Frame Of Mind
Echo Bridge Feb 24, '09
Oh, Love's A Lovely Thing
Frame Of Mind
Miramax Dec 12, '08 Is It Me? Doubt
Sex & The City
New Line Cinema/HBO May 30, '08
Two At A Time
Sex and the City
The Amateurs
Bauer Martinez Studios Dec 7, 2007
Top Floor Por Favor
Halloween MGM Aug 31, '07 That's When I'll Stop Loving You Halloween
Broken English Magnolia Pictures July, '07
When love Is Over
Broken English
Jane Doe: How To Fire Your Boss Hallmark May 8, '07
Tea Time
Tea Time
Year Of The Dog Paramount Vantage Apr 20, '07
Top Floor Por Favor
Year of the Dog
Ghost Rider
Sony Feb 16, '07
Rose Colored Glass
Ghost Rider
A Good Year
Fox Nov 10, '06
Lounge Lizard
A Good Year
Her Fatal Flaw
Lifetime Sep 24 '06
Her Fatal Flaw
Mini's First Time
Arclight Films

Jul 14, '06

Until It Happens To You
American Dreamz
Universal Apr 21, '06

Tea Time

American Dreamz
Rumor Has It
Warner Bros. Dec 25, '05
Until We Meet Again, What's Become Of My Heart
Rumor Has It
Lightning Entertainment DVD
Dec 13, '05
As If It Were Yesterday
Chasing Christmas
ABC Family
Dec 4, '05
My Real Christmas List
Chasing Xmas
Ordinary Miracles Hallmark 4th Qtr, '05 Tea Time Ordinary Miracles
The Thing About My Folks Picturehouse Sept 16, '05 Until We Meet Again The Thing About
Wedding Crashers
New Line Cinema July 15, '05
Oh, Love's A Lovely Thing
The Deal
Myriad Pictures
Jun 17, '05
As If It Were Yesterday, You're The One For Me
The Deal
The Perfect Man Universal Jun 17, '05 Lisa's Pancakes Perfect
Smile Dark Forest Apr 8, '05 Vanishing Romance Smile
American Shopper Festival TBA Is It Me?
American Shopper
I, Robot
Fox July 16, '04 Top Floor Por Favor
LA & NY Exclusive Jun 18, '04
In A Dream
Coast To Coast
Apr 4, '04
Coast To Coast
Speaking Of Sex
Feb 19, '04
Mezzanine Dream
Picking Up & Dropping Off
ABC Family Dec 7, '03 So Close to Getting Close
Picking Up
Aug 12, ‘03 You’re The One For Me Maryam
American Wedding
Jul 24, ‘03
Certain Smile
American Wedding
Hook’d Up
Jul 22, ‘03
Tickling a Tiger
Hooked Up
Winding Roads
Jul 20, ‘03

DysFunk- Tional Family

Apr 4, ‘03
As If It Were Yesterday
First To Die
Feb 23, '03
Tell Me That You Love Me Tonight
First To Die
Table One
Feb 1, '03
Just Another Kiss, As If It Were Yesterday
Table One
Devious Beings DVD Release Jan 7, '03
We Wish You A Merry Christmas
Devious Beings
You Stupid Man
Hamptons Festival
Oct 16, '02 Mezzanine Dream
New Line Cinema Mar 26, '02
Top Floor Por Favor
The Perfect You
LA Film Festival
Mar 1, '02
Tea Time
Crazy Little Thing
I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
Pax TV Dec '01 We Wish You A Merry Christmas
I Saw Mommy
Extreme Honor
Artist View Ent. Nov 27, '01
Afraid To Love, Half Moon Bay
Road Rage
Cinemax Oct '01 Moody
My Mom's Got a Date With a Vampire
Disney Channel
Oct '01
As If It Were Yesterday
Sugar Town
Sept '01 Moody
Ghost World
MGM Jul 20, '01 Mezzanine Dream
Ghost World
Say It Isn't So
Fox Mar 23, '01 Until We Meet Again
Say It Isn't So
Miss Congeniality
Warner Bros Dec 22, '00 As If It Were Yesterday
Sandra Bullock!
What Women Want
Paramount Dec 15, '00
Until We Meet Again
Seventeen Again
Showtime Original
Nov '00
Vanishing Romance
The Guilty
HBO Nov '00
Mezzanine Dream, You're The One For Me
The Guilty
Labor Pains
USA Video
3rd Qtr '00
Moody Labor Pains
Forever Fabulous
Oct, '00
Tea Time
Forever Fab
Drop Back Ten
Jan 22, '00
Until We Meet Again Drop Back Ten
For Love of the Game
Sept 17,'99
For Love of the Game
Double Jeopardy Paramount Sept 10, '99
As If It Were Yesterday Double Jeopardy
The Debtors
3rd Qtr '99
Mezzanine Dream
The Debtors
Apartment 12 aka Life Drawing
Apr '99 Top Floor Por Favor
Apt 12
Ballad Of The Nightingale Festival 1st Qtr '99
As If It Were Yesterday Ballad
Jerry Springer's Ringmaster
2nd Qtr '98
As If It Were Yesterday Thanks Marcus!!
Program Title
Broadcast Date
Titles Used

Young & Restless

Jeanne Cooper Feature Montage

May 28, 13

That's When I'll Stop Loving You Young & Restless

The Mindy Project

Mar 26, 13

Funny What Love Can Do, That's When I'll Stop Loving You Mindy Project

Go On

Mar 19, '13

It’s All About You Go On


Dec 13,'12

A Christmas Wish For You Glee

Chicago Fire

Feb 27, 13

Fly Away Chicago Fire

The New Normal

2 Episodes

Oct 2, '12 Sep 18,'12

It’s All About You, That Look, Someone’s Fav’rite Someone New Normal

Necessary Roughness

Aug 29, 12

Something Happened Last Night Necessary Roughness


Mar 21, 12

Something Happened Last Night CSI


Mar 18, 12

The Magic Of You Californication

The Finder

Jan 19, 12

Something Happened Last Night Finder

Pan Am

2 Episodes

Jan 8, '12 Oct 30, ’11

Something I Was Unprepared For, Fly Away Pan Am

Perfect Couples

2 Episodes

Mar 24, Mar 27, '11

Until It Happens To You, Fly Away Perfect Couples

Young & Restless

(Feature Montage)

Feb 14, '11

Something Blue Y&R

Harry's Law

Feb 7, '11

Fly Away Harry's Law

Human Target

Dec 22,'10

Jingle Bells Blues Human Target

Brothers & Sisters

Dec 12,'10

We Wish You A Merry Christmas Bros. & Sisters

Best Of Katie Morgan

Dec, '10 Multiple Airings

Carmel Bounce Katie Morgan

No Ordinary Family

Nov 23, '10

Something Happened Last Night No Ordinary Fam

Raising Hope

Nov 23, '10

Easy On The Eyes Raising Hope

Young & Restless

(3 Episodes)

Sep 15 Aug 30, Aug 18, '10

Something I Was Unprepared For, Getting Close To You (Feature Montage) Y&R


Aug 4, '10

Tea Time Psyche

Young & Restless

(2 Episodes)

Aug 4, '10, Aug 5, '10

Yesterday's News, Until We Meet Again Y&R


Jul 27, '10

Dancing in Sunshine, Maybe it's You HawthoRNe

Young & Restless

(2 Episodes)

Apr 3, '10, Apr 5, '10

Never The Same, We'll Be Together, It's You, The Hurt In Your Eyes Y&R


Feb 8, '10

No Easy Way To Say Goodbye Damages

King Of Clubs (2 Episodes)

Jan 1, '10, Nov 23, '09

Oh, Love's A Lovely Thing, All That Matters Playboy Channel


Nov 9, '09

Never Lived Before Californication

True Blood

Jul 26, '09

Reflections True Blood


Apr 13, '09

You're The One For Me Knight Rider

Desperate Housewives

Feb 8, '09

Just Another Kiss Bones

Knight Rider

Nov 19, '08

What Are The Chances Of That?, Name Of The Game Knight Rider


Nov 12,'08

Goodbye To The Wrong Side Bones

Burn Notice

Sep 11, '08

We Called It Love Burn Notice


(2 Episodes)

Aug 8, & Aug 29 , '08

Couldn't Be Me, Love's Gonna Getcha Swingtown
Living Lohan July 20, '08 L*A*S*V*E*G*A*S

Living Lohan
The Reaper
Mar 20, '08

Because Of You

The Reaper
Big Shots Dec 13, '07 Somewhere In A Dream

Big Shots

Nov 18, '07

Because Of You


The Unit

2 Episodes

Oct 2, '07, May 9, '06

Something Happened Last Night, No Easy Way To Say Goodbye

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (2 Episodes)

Nov 15, Sep 13, '07

Jumpin' At The Juke Joint, Heaven On Earth


Entourage (2 Episodes)

Fall, '07

Life Is Good, A Walk In The Sun

The 4400 Jul 8, '07

Mirage 4400
Shark Apr 19, '07

Until It Happens To You Shark
Desperate Housewives Apr 8, '07

As If It Were Yesterday Desperate
ESPN NBA Celebrity All Star Game Feb 16, '07

Beyond The Break Feb 16, '07

Mirage Beyond the Break
Wildfire (2 Episodes) Jan 8, &
Feb 26, '07

A Walk In The Sun, Easy Go, Love Is The Name Of The Game
Brothers & Sisters (2 Episodes) Dec 10 & 24, 2006
Somewhere In A Dream, Make You Mine Brothers & Sisters
Masters of Horror, "The V Word" Nov 10, 2006 Watercolor Love
Masters of Horror
NUMB3RS Oct 27, 2006 No Easy Way To Say Goodbye
Veronica Mars Apr 18, 2006

All That Matters, I Can Always Dream

Young & Restless Feb 14, 2006

Tell Me That You Love Me Tonight

( Vocal feature for Valentines Day scenario)

Wildfire Feb 6, 2006

Watercolor Love, Indelible Traces

Bones Nov 29, 2005
A Walk In The Sun
Desperate Housewives Nov 27, 2005
Just Another Kiss
Veronica Mars Oct 12, 2005
Oh, Love's A Lovely Thing
Las Vegas Oct 3, 2005
It Ain't Easy
Las Vegas
Everwood Sept 29, 2005
Oh, Love's A Lovely Thing
CSI-NY Apr 13, 2005
Rose Colored Glass
The OC
Feb 24 , 2005
No Easy Way To Say Goodbye
The OC
Las Vegas
Jan 3, Jan 10, 2005
Magic In The Moonlight, Watercolor Love

Las Vegas
Real Sex Xtra: Pornucopia (2 Episodes) Jan 3, 8 &17 2005
Carmel Bounce, Unrequited Love
America's Next Top Model
Dec 8, 2004
Goodbye To The Wrong Side
Top Model
Las Vegas
Dec 6, 2004
Your Secret's Safe With Me
Las Vegas
West Wing
Nov 17, 2004
What Are The Chances Of That?
West Wing
The Mountain
Oct 6, 2004
Tea Time
Desperate Housewives (Pilot) Oct 3, 9, 2004
Until We Meet Again
The Jury
July 9, 2004
Oh, Love's A Lovely Thing
U Pick Live (8 Episodes)
2nd Qtr, 2004
Mezzanine Dream, Easy On The Eyes
As The World Turns
Apr 26, 2004
Apr 26, 2004
Make You Mine
One Life to Live
Mar 18, 2004
Afraid (On Camera Performance)
Las Vegas
Mar 15, 2004
Oh, Love's a Lovely Thing


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